Thursday, 22 September 2011

" The True Meaning of LOVE... "

             Love...masha allah....what shall i speak or write about it?? I'm no poet to describe it in the form of a beautiful poem... I'm no scientist to prove it experimentally...Now You might be thinking  with what knowledge im writing this blog?? Im writing this blog coz im a good lover...and thats the highest degree that one could ever have to write a blog on love like this....!!

            Can you tell me what for we all human beings live on this earth? Cant you? But i have an definite answer...its definitely for this four lettered word.. "LOVE"..!
                 As a high school student,when i studied the law of conservation of energy....i just knew that "energy can neither be created nor just changes its forms..." but time thoughts grew...and i could make the law on love..stating "Love can neither be created...nor just changes its forms..." just think of it for a moment...!! isn't it apt?? You would certainly have no other answer...but to say yes...!!

I always used to wonder and ask myself "Why did god create man on earth?? and why should he take them back??  slowly i analyzed an answer to this mysterious question...

I realized that ...we all humans live for some or the other love throughout our lives...
for example...consider a teenager named Tom...what does he live for? "he lives  for his parents that love him/her so much.suppose  Tom turned in to his what would he live for?? "he lives for his parents..and life partner if he is married..." .now consider Tom is married and had a "he lives for his parents...and life partner and son..."! now suppose the parents turned old..and died...!  Tom grieves a lot on his parents death...but he cant die along with them even though he loved them as much as his own life.because he has some other  form of love to live for...that is for his life partner and for his son...! now consider tom turned old and his wife passed away...oh god...the greatest pain..but he still lives for his son...!! and now consider his son got married....and after a few years Tom passed away...!! now...the son grieves a lot on his fathers death..but he would live for his life partner...!!


summarizing the above story,we can conclude the theory of life as "Man is born because of...and lives for LOVE and loses some LOVE and finds a new LOVE for every lost love...and &he himself becomes a LOST LOVE for some one.... some or the other day...!
           Between birth and death..there is LOVE...between LOVE and death...there is LOVE...." confused???? read it again....good luck !!!!


  1. It is true what you say - love makes the world go round.

    1. Love is the essence of life...!! thank u mam for the comment..!!

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