Sunday, 21 April 2013

"Crimes against Women--My Suggested Methods for Prevention and Cure..""


 " O Man...Why have you become so Mean...???
      Having taken Birth from a Woman and depended on woman lifelong...!
              Though u knew she is Better than you in many ways,You never accept it out of your Ego !!!
              You made her life miserable in many ways and in return you always received lots of Love...!
      Why these crimes against her?? why have u become so mean??
              Why are you racing towards reverse evolution??? from MAN back to an ANIMAL ???
Stop these inhuman crimes against her...or by the  day  u realize that u have chopped that very branch of the tree called Love,that you yourself were supported upon,You would fall to that very ground level of      humanity,where you no longer could call yourself a 'Human..' ".

     Women...the multi responsibility holding and multi role playing as a Mother,sister,wife in my wonderful country India must be treated with respect and honor.But knowing the news of these growing  crimes against women in India everyday,i started  feeling bad..for the first time in my life,for belonging to the Male sex community.

       This afternoon when i switched the idiot box on,the news that i heard touched me deeply."A 5-year-old girl  was allegedly kidnapped, raped and tortured by a  24-year-old man and then left alone in a locked room in India's capital for two days."

   How immoral...ah...grief..somewhere deep in my heart...! Idiots..Brutes..What not...! As the news ended,it made me speechless,felt as if my throat dried off..out of this feeling,i then decided i would write down my feelings and suggest some methods which would hopefully stop such immoral acts on my  Indian sisters.

         With my experience as an assistant professor in an engineering college,i have got the opportunity to study the mindsets of most of the youth today and i analyzed that the reason for such inhuman or immoral behavior among todays youth is mainly because..."MOST OF TODAYS YOUTH ARE LACKING IN HUMAN ETHICAL VALUES...".I have bolded it because,it is the largest problem that might seem quite simple and small!!


    1. Indian educational system should include a subject called "Human Ethics" in their academic curriculum right from schooling till Post graduation.and strict rules should be made such that "any student who fails in this subject,would never get his remaining subject papers evaluated "
    2.  Indian educational system should also include Yoga as a compulsory subject throughout the education  right from schooling till PG.This may sound little funny but it is very important because only through YOGA,one can gain a control over his Body(emotions) through his Mind and never let the Body control the Mind.
    3. Rural uneducated people should be given an awareness on Human Ethics and Yoga through awareness camps.
    4. Indian govt should mainly focus on educating the people on these issues,rather than making strict laws,which according to my personal opinion would be mostly helpless at hand.
    5. The accused ones in such cases should be imprisoned in special jails and given a life long imprisonment till death.
    6. Indian government should completely remove/ban Liquor shops and thus help for a better India. 


  1. Nice Article . Keep Sharing these types of articles and do self less service.

    Travel India

  2. Sure Bro...thank you for your time and comment...these mean a lot for a Blogger....doesnt they??

  3. Good, but I personally don't think just education can help....the judiciary has to take some strict actions...

    Sreedev Soman @ KookyDom

  4. Yes u are right soman but i personally feel that a war against something would never solve the problem..instead it would result in another war...peaceful ways are always result yielding...what do u say?