Monday, 8 April 2013

"Your Birthday is the Day on Which You are Not Actually Born "

Its my ' Birth Date' today...April 8th...but still i say- " Its not at all my 'Birth Day' "????? How come it be possible???
Few of u might say- "Oh...may be its the date that was recorded in your school certificates and that might have continued throughout till your post graduation...Right??? ". My answer to that intelligent guess is a big ":NO".
     No one on this earth is born on their so called 'Birthday' that they celebrate with lots of happiness..!!  Yeah...  one needs to have a brain mature enough to believe this wonderful "FACT".Yes..this is the hidden fact told by the holy scriptures...may it be the Holy Bible or the Bhagavatgita..!

Do u know when are we all born?? hmmm...Question inside a Question..?? is mysterious ..thats why many human beings couldnt understand the answer to this mysterious question till they reach the last stages of their lives..!

Let me start opening this mystey...

                                       "GOD...where is he found?  in the church? in the hindu temple? or in the mosque??

GOD is Universal (LATIN: Unus=one and  Versus= To Turn).The word UNIVERSE etymologically means "Everything Turns Out To Be One".That means all the souls of this universe if  brought together and are shaped something like a snow ball...then that snow Ball is GOD.God is not at all concentrated at a single place..he is nothing but a vast never ending dispersed divine soul..with all positive qualities..with no single spot of negativity.

God might have thought..."How can i be with everything  living/nonliving every single fraction of every single second" ??

Oh Yeah..!!  This is It..!!
He arrived at a divine idea..he distributed his vast divine soul in to everything living/nonliving...with equal proportions of his divine soul distributed in to the nature..the trees..animals..humans...including me and you..! Yes...Unbelievable..but true..

Here i would like to quote a beautiful line from the Bhagawat Gita which says -"Eeshwaro Sarwa Bhootaanaam.." which means.." God Is In All Living/Nonliving Beings"

We all human beings are born at that very moment this universe itself was born.The divine soul/Atman hidden inside us will liberate itself from this living body and gets united with the never ending divine soul only if we live a positive life and know about the divinity within and only when we could see and realise the divinity in every other living creature around us..! Few examples of such great souls are Jesus Christ,Mother Theresa,swami Vivekananda..etc..!

If someone asks you.."who are u??" then what would  ur reply be? may be perhaps u might say... " lam Mr/Miss/Mrs.X" .But you know what?? Thats "The Exactly Wrong Answer".If u answer reflects your innocence..! my personal opinion,ignorance is no crime.But ignoring our ignorance is the biggest crime that one would have ever committed.

    We all are "Divine Souls" living inside these "Human Bodies" that our parents might have named Suresh or Naresh or X or Y or Z..OR Whatever..! It is the name of the body and not of your soul..!
Surprised?  well.. who doesn't ?? 

A Soul is invisible,Genderless,Emotionless.It is something that no scientist can prove or conduct experiments upon...! Only we humans are those scientists who have that uncatchable 'Soul' captured in the experimenting lab of our 'Body'.Whether we realize that 'omniscient' soul within us or not is what all that makes the difference...!

      Our Divine Souls continue taking help of  body after body until our Souls are Liberated.Thats what most people mis understand as "Birth After Birth".How can it be called 'Birth' when there was no 'Death'  at all???.At school we were thought "The Law of Conservation of Energy" which states that :- "Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.But It just changes its forms".So why we the so called 'Highly Educated' fail to understand the fact that our soul is a form of the Divine Energy and that it can never  be destroyed?? is that not against "The Law of Conservation of Energy"??

    Liberation of the soul means freeing the Divine Soul inside us..freeing it  from all negative emotions,materialistic desires,all kinds of weaknesses which makes all the difference between 'Man' and 'God'.

     Liberation of Soul could be done only by "Knowing the Divinity with ourselves and others and by helping the weak Souls understand the Divinity within themselves and through selfless sacrifices.Which is humanely very hard and impossible without a strong determination and dedication.Liberation of the soul is called "Moksha" which is a state that brings us eternal peace..where we the tiniest of the snow particles join the snow ball called God.

              So god is within other words.."You yourself are God"...Surprising na!!  

Summarising above lines :

  1. We  were all  born at the beginning of this universe.
  2. But we never liberated our soul thats the reason why we all are still living in this Human Body.
  3. We never loved our fellow human beings.We filled ourselves with all sorts of negative emotions which made  attaining 'Moksha' impossible.
  4. So our souls were searching for Body after Body...Century after Century..
  5. May be some or the other time you or i might have been a frog or a snake or a donkey.
  6. Its obvious we can never liberate our soul when we were animals.
  7. But this time we are Humans...capable of liberation..capable of loving fellow human beings...capable of expanding the divinity within and in our surroundings...
  8. But what are we doing?? Loving material gains and Expanding the Negative Emotions within ourselves.
  9. Cruelty,Hatred,Avarice,Greed,Miserliness,Envy,Jealousy,Embarrassment,Shame,Guilt,Remorse,Humiliation, Anger, Rage,Aversion, Disgust, Revulsion,Anger, Rage and what not?????
  10. Instead of realizing God in fellow human beings we Run behind all kinds of Religious Chantings.
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  1. Absolutely amazing post Whatever you have said is absolutely true. Every scriptures say this. But in this Yuga nobody wants to implement it, even though they know it. Such is the strength of the thing called Maya or Materialism .
    Travel India

    1. Hiii Vishal Rathod sir,thank u so much for stopping by and going through my Blog.Yeah in this 21st century,no body cares to think of all this VEDANTA.But one day would definitely come in everyones life,when we ourselves slowly start realising this fact..but what matters is that "How Early In Our Life We Realize This Fact and Start Some Action towards a Positive change...

  2. yes you are riight...
    but birthday is birthday yar...

    1. Yes..Birthdays bring back those sweet memories of our childhood...when we used to count and recount the chocolates on the previous night..that were to be distributed to our classmates the next day i.e on "Birth Day" and the way we used to say- "Its my Happy Birthday Today" instead of saying "Its My Birthday Today" :)

  3. Belated birthday greetings to you!