Friday, 26 July 2013


India is a developing country since it got independence...presently India is celebrating its glorious 65 years of independence.....but why isn't it yet developed ? is it because of this growing population and the resulting poverty? Na..Na..its not at all the reason...the actual reasons are three according to my view...
1)Caste discrimination
2)Corruption  and
3)Black money...
               In parts of India we Indians see that the people of higher castes dominate over the lower caste...and they suppress the talents of the lower caste people.In the early days of independent India the agricultural land is possessed only by landlords of a certain dominant caste and all other lower caste people had to submit their land to these so called land lords and the lower caste people used to work in their own submitted lands as workers earning daily wages and somehow managing to make a living.
                This means the wealth is  concentrated only in the hands of a few..! It is this so called rich... richer... richest people..that save their overflowing money in the form of black money in some swiss banks and all without payng taxes to our country...and the burden of this taxes is born only by the poor and middle class citizens.

what had happened is...the lower caste people used to earn their daily wages and they had no assets to give to their next succeeding generations...and the poverty contined till the present day...No proper good health.. no proper education to children.... .lower standards of life...and no development...and the poverty cycle recycles...!!

 But what about those land lords successors? they were born with a silver spoon....with lots of money...good diet...good health...good education....higher studies...and best luxurious lives...!!  
The poor...still in that same old stage where their ancestors used to be....where is the scope for development? where  is the scope for social justice? the rich search for more and more ways to save their excess money...and the poor still search for the means to earn for livelihood...!!

            Do you feel that its a situation that used to be there only in the past?? definitely not.Even today we find caste related issues in the i would like to add one of my own experience--"a couple of months back one of my colleague was searching for a rented house.many of the flat owners asked like -"what caste do you belong to?? " oh god...i got shocked...what does a house owner have to do with the 'caste' of the rent payers? this is just an example...there are many more such situations where even the so called 'well educated' people get crazy about their caste and all that stuff...!!
         Thank god...God is somewhere in heaven and not on earth..otherwise people would have irritated asking him "whats your caste?" .

with this small blog i would like to contribute my suggestion to the development of my country saying that..."we all are Indians...and belong to one single caste called 'HUMAN CASTE'...we can develop our mother India only when all the Indians abolish the 'caste' system...and live with a feeling of we all are just Indians...and no divisions based on caste or color or religion or language or whatever.... "MERA BHARAT MAHAAN"....VANDE MATARAM...

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  1. This caste system has be invented by us and exploited by the politicians. Caste system hinders progress & development. High time our politicians & WE understand and work towards a society where caste system does not exist.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by..and leaving such a valuable comment..! I totally agree with what you've said sir..! Will those days come?? or are they just mirages??

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