Sunday, 20 December 2015

The Truest Meaning of "CHRISTMAS"

The Truest Meaning of CHRISTMAS...??? It is a well known fact that it is the birthday of Jesus Christ.
Then what else could be "The Truest Meaning...??? " Well...let me begin with an explanation...
Imagine you are attending a birthday party of someone.What would you first think of ?? Yeah...You are Right.It is about " What Birthday Gift should i offer him/her??? " Now come on..if its the birthday of a human being,we give him a material gift.

But what about Jesus..our Lord God..the Saviour of this World...??? what gift have you given him on every CHRISTMAS ever since You came in to this earth...???Now you might be thinking like " Iam an ordinary human being.So,What gift could i offer to GOD ??? "
We human beings are full of all sorts of bad emotions/qualities or habits..!! More Negativity inside us.
The Gift God Expects from you is to Live a life full of positivity and positive emotions/habits.The Gift You Have to Offer GOD is--
"Leave at least one negative habit of yours for every Christmas..!!!
So that, by the day you sacrificed almost all of your bad habits,you begin living the life that God expected you to live..!!! 
A life full of Positivity and Positive Emotions/ Habits.
This is the true meaning of a Christian Life..!!!
It is our Responsibility to GOD and the Society we live in as well. Your Gift to Jesus Ready..???Are you ready to Live the Life Jesus wanted You to Live...??? Come on..Think...Think...Think again and again...!!!

After All...Jesus will be Born this Christmas..
inside Your Heart...and the Gift You Offer God residing inside your Heart...will reach Your Heart itself.
Isn't it a Gift intended by Jesus for you " YOURSELF "???
                                      Wow...Surprising na..!
This is What Jesus Wants from all of us..!!!
Wishing You a Very Happy Christmas.

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