Friday, 22 April 2016

FACULTY - The Nation Builders

Since last republic day it has been bothering me severely that someone wrongly said - "students rejected by the industry are becoming faculty these days. They themselves doesn't have the skills, how could they teach the younger generation?"
   Ever since I have heard this innocent speech delivered by a ill-literate scholar, my young faculty blood has been boiling with discontent because in a country where speeches are given on freedom of speech for every Indian citizen, I felt there is still no freedom of immediate expression due to various circumstances. Whatever the reasons might be, positive emotions un expressed are not good for self and society in every way. So I felt like expressing my opinion on behalf of all my     teaching fraternity here in my blog.
      Briefly saying, Family Attachment Combined with Utmost Love for Teaching the Younger generation = FACULTY.If teacher is not given the right kind of respect by a fellow faculty himself, then who else would???? I  personally felt if teachers are humiliated before the student community, then learning of the students would be deprived because of the poor opinion about teachers sown in their conscious minds by a bad gardener.

This is my personal opinion and a emotion un expressed, now found its expression through my blog. This is not meant to hurt the feelings of any person in particular. I'm a independent Indian FACULTY and I have all rights of expression of views. Proud to be a teacher.

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